9 Reasons to Start Blogging Right Away

By now, we have a basic idea of what is a blog. But why do people spent time on them? What are their benefits?

In fact, in modern times blogging has numerous benefits and that’s the only reason I recommend everyone to start a blog. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a housewife, a military person, a businessman or anyone, blog will surely benefit you one way or another, if you do it right.

Following are some of the benefits of blogs.

1. Make Money

Making money is one of the biggest motives of bloggers today. They tend to create blogs in order to generate additional revenue.

Some of the bloggers are even making 6 figure income through their blogs and others are even making more than that.

So how much money could you make with blogging? Although possibilities are unlimited in blogging, but still a few people are making reasonable money through blogging. But if you do it right and put efforts on your blog, you will certainly be happy about your decision in long run.

2. Improve writing skills

“Practice makes a man perfect”

I am sure you may have heard this sentence more than just once. When you are writing your blog posts, you are consistently practicing your writing skills. Blogging has proven to boost writing skills of bloggers after doing it for a year or two.

If you are looking to boost your writing skills in order to appear in a competitive exam ( Like CSS ) or if there is any other similar motive, you should give a try to blogging.

3. Build reputation and influence

With blogging you can certainly build your reputation and influence. If you are into public speaking or a professional in any field I think you should go for blogging.

More the people coming to your blog, more are they going to know about you.

4. Generate Leads and Sales

A lot of businesses have realized the importance of blogging and they are actively generating more sales through their blogs. Blogging has proven to have a high ROI for most of the businesses.

If you are into any business, you should give a try to blogging.

5. Build networks

Building networks is my favorite part of blogging. You get to communicate with many people around the globe as well as get a chance to have some amazing people added to your circle.

If you like connecting with people for any reason, you shouldn’t skip blogging.

6. Get better job opportunities

As I told earlier, through blogging you build reputation and influence. But with blogging you also portray your expertise in a particular niche, resulting in better chances of big companies hiring you.

If you are aiming to get into a big company, start a blog right away.

7. Increase knowledge

In order to write a good blog post, you may need to go through a thorough research. You may come across new knowledge everyday.

Imagine yourself writing a 1000 article every 3 days. For that article you may have to study at least 5000 words of content or even more, during your research phase. That way, you are reading 50,000 new words every month. Just do the math and you will realize how much may you gain in next few years if you continuously keep blogging.

8. Marketing a business

Blogging is a great way to market your business digitally. Not only do it has direct impact on your leads and sales, but it also helps you with other marketing efforts.

Blogging boosts your website SEO and it may also result in more social media followers and engagements etc.

9. Help others

Through blogging not only are you helping yourself, but you are also helping people around you. You are sharing new information with people as well as giving them a new perspective on a particular topic.

If you are writing extremely unique articles, you are filling a knowledge gap.

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